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  • July

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  • Server reopening!

  • Back from fishing some salmon we're back with new features

Server reopening!

After the change of ownership and the major rework of the server we are excited to announce the reopening of Age Of Conquest! With a brand new Earth map (16 times bigger than the old one), a total rework of the economy & new mechanics to both build up your might and destroy your enemies the server is now more conquest & geopolitical focus than ever: Limited teleports, trains allowing players to build vital supply networks, different types of currencies and much more... Build, fight and conquer with us in this new experience!

  • April

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  • This is a brief tutorial to learn how towny works

Towny Tutorial

Towny is a well-known land protection plugin, you are given the possibility to create towns which can grow by inviting other players.
In the town there is a hierarchy, the town mayor is the owner of the town, whilst there are other other ranks like comayor, assistant, etc.
Towns can agree with each other to create a Nation, those are unions of multiple towns that can colaborate with each other.
Nations provides the war experience to towny, you can set your allies, enemies, etc.

To help both new players and veterans get a better understanding of towny's vast mechanics and how to take advantage of them we have decided
to add a complete guide about the plugin. Click read more to see the complete guide.

  • April

  • 9

  • Server is now open!

  • Age of Conquest has opened it's doors to the public

Server Opening!

Welcome to Age of Conquest, we’re a towny server based on geopolitics around the earth map. Do you want to experience towny war like never before? Be a merchant, a soldier, a conqueror. Whatever you dream of can be possible here, featuring exciting mechanics, economy, international warfare, grand strategy, thrilling pvp. Build your dreams and defend them in Age Of Conquest!

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